typewriter wedding

Today my sweetie leaves for Paris (don’t worry I will be joining him next week!) which means I get to catch up on the guilty pleasures I dont engage in when he’s around. Namely watch Gossip Girl, and look at wedding blogs. Don’t jump to any conclusions on this one, I am not even close to walking down the aisle myself, I just love to look at the creative ways people customize their weddings. I think it appeals to my inner Martha or something, and well.. ugh whatever. Im not going to defend myself anymore. One look at this wedding I found on Style Me Pretty¬†and you see what I mean.

They had a vintage typewriter and player piano theme where the music from the piano served as a runner for the table. Little pots of honey as favors, Mason jars filled with white lilies and can we talk about the shoes? Swoon. Now I have to go scour the internet for my own pair…




April 20, 2009

Best Bar, bar none.

My spell-check is objecting to my use of “thrift” as a verb, but as I’m sure many would agree, its the only appropriate way to refer to the act of spending an obscene amount of time pilfering through other people’s old discarded treasures. (whew, run on sentence, to boot!) It also happens to be be a favorite activity of mine, mostly because I get to fantasize about how to re-purpose old teacups and one day having the largest collection of milk glass in all the land. And most importantly, after all this is said and done, I usually leave empty handed (you may remember me explaining this shopping practice before). Such a trip happened last week and I happened across this enthusiastic sign which reminded me why I love thrifting in the first place. Quirky shop keepers and their equally quirky tags.

I must say, it was a pretty cool bar.

Rustic chic

April 14, 2009

While scanning the craft blog at Etsy I came across this picture of my dream kitchen realized.


Its reminds me of the Jamie Oliver show and I love how he’s always scooping things into a chipped bowl that looks a hundred years old. Etsy is great place to find vintage and hand crafted items that still look hip and don’t break the bank. (That sounded like an advertisement, but I dont get any cred for saying this stuff, honestly. I just love it over there. However if they were willing to pay for an advertisment I definitely wouldnt turn my nose up.. ahem. cough. cough..)


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Domino magazine

January 28, 2009

vintage penguin books

Word on the street is that Domino magazine is closing which is very sad and terrible so I thought I’d post a picture from an issue as an homage. I don’t really understand why they are closing exactly because it happens to be one of my all time favorite magazines and they have such a following. It could be that awesome blogs like this one are the magazines of the future! For free!
But wait, I don’t have the same bottomless photography and travel budget…