Dieppa Restrepo shoes

October 20, 2009




My boyfriend really likes to live on the edge when it comes to gift giving. When he was in Paris awhile back, he brought me back some treats from laduree (well that one is a sure fire bet with me) and a pair of shoes. Me, the girl with a wall of shoes, very picky designer taste and lets be honest, what bf even knows his girlfriends size without asking 10 times? And to take it further: what girl wouldn’t need to try on a few pairs before being sure that her usual size isn’t too snug? And he bought me flat shoes, which could go seriously wrong considering there are many ugly flat shoes that I would never wear. But he pulled it off with a pair of patent leather wingtips that fit like a glove and scream “Oui, I am zee real thing and I aum fwom Pareee!” (terrible french accent) and this was last winter before Urban Oufitters starting knocking em off.

Now Dieppara Restrepo has made these classy casuals in a rainbow of colors to match all my favorite macaron flavors! 

Oh wait, I have to wait until spring to get em? Drat!

yum macaron!


typewriter wedding

Today my sweetie leaves for Paris (don’t worry I will be joining him next week!) which means I get to catch up on the guilty pleasures I dont engage in when he’s around. Namely watch Gossip Girl, and look at wedding blogs. Don’t jump to any conclusions on this one, I am not even close to walking down the aisle myself, I just love to look at the creative ways people customize their weddings. I think it appeals to my inner Martha or something, and well.. ugh whatever. Im not going to defend myself anymore. One look at this wedding I found on Style Me Pretty and you see what I mean.

They had a vintage typewriter and player piano theme where the music from the piano served as a runner for the table. Little pots of honey as favors, Mason jars filled with white lilies and can we talk about the shoes? Swoon. Now I have to go scour the internet for my own pair…


Silver flats

April 14, 2009

Michelle Obama on Easter sunday

Last summer I wore my silver ballet flats to shreds. If the white house is any indication of fashion’s direction (amazing but true!) it looks as though they are emerging again, which is a sign that I’m either always ahead of my time or fashion comes full circle every year. Let’s just say both are true.


Grey Chuck Taylors

March 14, 2009


I have long tried to subscribe to the rule of decorum that a lady never complains about her shoes. It is an accepted price we pay to appear stylish and well, ladylike. But, boy was I paying the ultimate price when I stepped out to a recession party (complete with a “Who can bring the cheapest bottle of wine?” contest) in my pointy toe DKNY boots last night. Ever since moving to New York, something has happened to my feet and after about 8 hours in heels, the bones start to ache and I find myself thinking about sawing off my baby toe just to relieve the pressure. So today I picked up these cushy converse that are the most lovely shade of pink-y grey and give my feet a much needed break. I just love tinted neutrals because they go with everything but look unexpected. I even made this set at Polyvore as an ode to my new comfort shoes. And don’t worry, I’ll be back in heels in no time. Because really- what is fashion without a little suffering?
Ode to my Converse
Ode to my Converse – by thingsiliketolookat on Polyvore.com