Wool blanket

October 27, 2009

picnic for two

One glimpse at this pic from This is Glamorous and I was sent into a shopping frenzy. Perhaps it’s the adorable picnic styling but, I know this: I must have that blanket. It is exactly the kind of cozy woolen thing that I want to curl up with this winter. I have spent the better part of the evening searching for something similar on Ebay, Etsy, Toast, even LL Bean to no avail.. thoughts anyone?



Wicker baskets

June 11, 2009

Stella resort collection

I recently treated myself to a little bike upgrade and the best part about it is my wicker bike basket. It is so cute and spring-y, I feel compelled to fill it up with lemons or something and ride through the park whistling.

However, today I had an afternoon that was quite unlike this lovely pic from the Stella McCartney resort collection. It was a very dreary, mist-ridden bike date with my beau (yes, I called him my beau, the basket brings out my grandma side. I’m telling ya). But I don’t care much that the weather didnt cooperate because there was truffle french fries waiting at the end of the journey. Yes!

wicker baskets: so hot right now….

old car and basket

puggle picnic

Longaberger basket building


recipe from bloomacious.com

recipe from bloomacious.com