Kid dressing for adults

October 25, 2009




Kimchi Blue skimmer

I dont know what it is about fall but as soon as the tempature drops I start wanting to dress like an 8-year old. Little cardigands mary janes, knee socks. Maybe its all the “Back to school” dressing that has been permenantly ingrained in my mind over the years, but I love to have a prim and proper wardrobe of grays and navy for the cooler times. Also, I love this teddy bear.





A friend sent me this pic of a chipped heart on her door stoop and it is so perfect its really remarkable. The adorable chubby hand just makes it that much better. I want to gobble it up.

Then a whole 200 miles away I was angrily walking home from the subway and came across this little guy.

Not as perfect but similar.

heart on a string

Geeez we should have a combined photo blog or something…


Sweetiepie restaurant

March 31, 2009


I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for fun places to take my niece when she come to New York. This place would have been my dream restaurant as a young thing obsessed with tea parties, Willy Wonka and all things girly. Its kind of what I expected Serendipity to be, which really didn’t live up to the hype with shoddy service, crabby kids and black flies swarming our table the entire meal. Another plus is that Sweetiepie is in the charming West Village, nearby to my fave tea joint Tea & Sympathy. Best of all, its not just vicarious fun, they appeal to the grown- up princess in me as well. So now I can have mycake and wash it down with an absinthe champagne cocktail too. Oh lala!

sit on a tuffet