Embroidery hoops

November 7, 2009

chalkboard hoop

Bliss in a Teacup




Five Trees via Poppy talk

from theinspiredroom.net

The Inspired Room

Using embroidery hoops for wall decor: quirky, cost effective and oh so hot right now.

I’m kind of impatient when it comes to crafts, so I don’t think actual embroidery is for me. Yesterday I was working on my napkins for Thanksgiving (I’ll share the whole process very soon!) and I was sewing so fast my machine sounded like it was going to take flight. Needless to say my hems are more than sorta crooked, they would make my Home-Ec teacher hang her head in shame. Ah well.


Saipua Arrangements

February 12, 2009


Saipua bouquet

I was kicking myself when I realized I forgot to put any flower arrangements on my Valentines Day guide. But then I realized there isn’t really any acceptable places to buy flowers that are only one click away. I could not, in good conscience, send anyone to 800 flowers or similar chain place.  I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love a big bunch of roses as much as the next girl but stray into one of their more “creative” bouquets and you could end up with an icky carnation in the mix. Not the case with one of my favorite local flower shops Saipua. I should mention when I say “favorite,” I have never bought or received flowers from this place, but they are featured on Design Sponge quite a bit and I like to ogle their blog. So, Brooklyn-based boyfriends take note, get thee to Red Hook, and give a bunch of posies that show off how original and artsy you truly are. Nary a cursed carnation in sight!



Cups with stuff inside

January 22, 2009

teacup with chair

My morning cup of coffee was a little dissapointing today, I must say. One, because I accidentally put too much agave syrup in it which is never a good thing. Two, because I do not own either one of these delightful mugs that have a surprise inside. 

purple rose mugThere are from one of my new favorite online shopping destinations lamadesigns.com Yes, I know Llama is spelled with two “L’s” but they don’t, so just be nice and don’t mention it when you visit this cute site. (Actually, it stands for Latin America for the modern age) Also I’m thinking llama’s are pretty cool. They have soft fur, long lashes and they aren’t as played out as the deer head.

Llamas are cool