Horses in art

November 18, 2009

Lately I have been feeling like I want to learn how to horseback ride. I had a chance at a lesson when I was little, but didn’t have the right shoes and so was stuck watching my friend trot around in circles, her hair blowing in the wind. Many years later in California, I went on a trail ride in the woods but its not the same as a real lesson. I have always thought horses were beautiful and incredible creatures and lets face it, equestrian fashion never goes out of style.

Lately it seems that equestrian art is becoming a trend, and I am in awe of these horse puppets for the West End play, “War Horse.” Kind of reminds me of these amazing driftwood sculptures by Heather Jansch.


Out of the box art

October 1, 2009

Amazing real stop motion street art.




And Jason Hackenwerth’s balloon art.


August 11, 2009

My mom sent this to me and I love it. Its amazing to see the breadth of Picasso’s work. Its also really satisfying to type a word like “breadth” cause it looks wrong but its not. Its not as satisfying to say, incidentally.


August 9, 2009


illustration by Misato Suzuki

Neil Farber Untitled Birds

by Neil Farber


from You carry my love inside your heartbeat

Some birds to go along with my “bees” inspiration. I love this idea of flight and nesting that birds have. Right now I identify with more of the nesting side as I have a bad cold and have barely left the house today. I watched 3 episodes of that Tori Spelling show, one bad Ricki Lake movie, and Sleepless in Seattle for the umpteenth time. I think all of them made me cry at some point. (Don’t judge me. I’m a sap like that.) Then I ordered mexican food and snapped at the guy for taking too long. Very eventful day.

Geez I hope I get better soon..


July 8, 2009


mussels to share

sterling mussel necklace from etsy

Yesterday I returned from my 8 day excursion/vacation to Cape Ann, Massachusetts. I have a new lease on city life after breathing some fresh ocean air and meeting my summer quota for lobster roll consumption. I also have a bunch of pictures to share and intend on getting my act together blog-wise. My posting has slowed down because I can’t seem to force myself to remain indoors and type away. Luckily I’m on lock down today because I have to wait for Fresh Direct, I just put in a fresh load of laundry and I’m sampling the new Regina Spektor album.

Someone should start a blog “Things I did while waiting for Fresh Direct” because I tend to be quite productive. Like I always think it would be a good idea to clean out my purse while waiting for the subway. Guess thats a testament to the timeliness of the J train cause my purse isn’t all that clean..

Anyway… mmm mussels. I came across this recipe which made me wish I had some in my FD shipment: Mussels with leeks, Pernod and cream. Summer is here!

College dorm light show

June 10, 2009

Pretty impressive and way to make use of all those idle college hours…

la view
On the first day that I wasn’t blind sided by jet lag, we ventured over to the Centre Pompidou for the Kandinsky and Alexander Calder exhibits. Both were fantastic as was the view from the escalator..

Chalk Animation

May 16, 2009

So beautiful. I love the cloud of chalk left behind each drawing. Like a dream.

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One thing I always say about living in New York is that its no use paying  the ridiculously high rent if you aren’t going out and taking advantage of all the things the city has to offer. I try to live by that advice as much as possible and I also see how its easy to get comfortable in your routine. Work, TV, bed. Then on the weekends: brunch, drinks, bed. Yesterday I was very proud of myself because I broke out of the routine and went to not one, but two interesting NYC things. 


The first was an interactive installation by Ernesto Neto at the Park Avenue Armory, called Anthropodino. Its a large, sort of translucent labyrinth with hanging pods that are filled with spices. You could smell the clove and curry wafting at you from the front door. Kids were running around everywhere, and there was a smaller structure where a group of people seemed to be lounging for hours among the lavender eye pillows and cushiony floor. Its always interesting to me to see people living among art like that.

If you aren’t in NYC go here to see a video of the installation. Pretty neat.


catapult at streb

Then it was off to a much higher energy performance at Streb in Williamsburg. I had been warned that “it is such an extreme performance that you might get a little scared for the dancers.” And low and behold, at a few particularly nerve racking points I couldn’t help but let out a scream in total surprise and concern. The whole thing is such an adrenaline rush that had me in amazement of the of these performers that seem to have boundless energy and bravery in the face of gravity.

It was a mixed up audience with a range of adults and plenty of kids who seemed just as awestruck as everyone else. As we were leaving I heard a thick Jersey accent behind me say “That was good. It was real.. ya know, arty.”

Gallery in the subway

April 9, 2009

I’m not usually a fan of things that make the subway harder to navigate than usual but I do love these performance improv things. More on Improv Everywhere here.

Embroidered everyday

March 5, 2009

Frances Trombly
By Frances Trombly

text message embroidery
via Design is mine

Beach glass

February 13, 2009

beach junk

beach beauty

I love wandering the beach in search of softened specks of beach glass. As a kid I would load up my pockets with glass and little round stones that held onto the heat of the sun. Never in all my wanderings did I come across anything that was unscathed, and cleaned up as nicely as these treasures found by Emerson at An apple a day. Guess I have to go to Dead Horse Bay more often.

Street art

February 13, 2009

2362980079_a99ec997a7_o-thumb1plastic_bag_animalsstreet walker

This kind of thing just makes me happy.  Via Wooster Collective.

Snow sculpture

January 19, 2009

Snow sculpture

In honor of the flurry thats going on outside right now I thought I’d post a pic of one of the biggest snow sculptures ever made. (114 feet tall and almost the length of 3 olympic swimming pools.) Its incredible to me that people get together and dedicate their time to being creative like this. Kinda puts the ol’ carrot nosed snowman to shame.

Sand sculptures

January 19, 2009

Sand sculpturesI like to look at the amazing layers of colors in these sand sculptures. I dont know much about the artist but you can see more of her work here.