Party Dresses!

November 19, 2009

Yesterday was my 200th post and what better way to celebrate than with a glimpse at some of my fave dresses for the holiday season? This weekend I am working on the decorations for my Thanksgiving/Birthday shindig and I couldn’t be more in the party spirit!!



November 13, 2009

twinkle headband

moth love bands

Free people headband

rosebud headband by Heart of Light

I never really fancied myself a headband girl, but my hasty decision to cut blunt bangs awhile back has left me with a chunk of unruly hair that needs taming. Enter the headband. A wonderful way to keep the wispys at bay and achieve that stylish school girl” look at the same time. No longer reserved for the prep set, weve come a long way from the puffy ribbon styles of yore. I prefer the ones with beaded and floral embellishments, they have a sublte tiara effect that appeals to my bohemian side. (pssst.. it is also a quick way to neaten up seriously ratty, dirty hair. A situation I find myself in all too often.)


November 11, 2009

10 over six

10over6 racing glovesLoeffler Randall

I just discovered this store called TENOVERSIX and immediately found 3 things I want to buy. The coat is so chic and I love anything you can wear in the winter thats not black. Driving gloves have become a new obsession and have me shopping endlessly on leatherglovesonline for the perfect pair. But these just might be it. I love the zipper. The heels from Loeffler Randall

well, as Rachel Zoe says, I die.

Embroidery hoops

November 7, 2009

chalkboard hoop

Bliss in a Teacup



Five Trees via Poppy talk


The Inspired Room

Using embroidery hoops for wall decor: quirky, cost effective and oh so hot right now.

I’m kind of impatient when it comes to crafts, so I don’t think actual embroidery is for me. Yesterday I was working on my napkins for Thanksgiving (I’ll share the whole process very soon!) and I was sewing so fast my machine sounded like it was going to take flight. Needless to say my hems are more than sorta crooked, they would make my Home-Ec teacher hang her head in shame. Ah well.

Kid dressing for adults

October 25, 2009




Kimchi Blue skimmer

I dont know what it is about fall but as soon as the tempature drops I start wanting to dress like an 8-year old. Little cardigands mary janes, knee socks. Maybe its all the “Back to school” dressing that has been permenantly ingrained in my mind over the years, but I love to have a prim and proper wardrobe of grays and navy for the cooler times. Also, I love this teddy bear.



August 4, 2009

Sometimes I spot a thing that I didn’t even know I was into but it just keeps following me around until I submit to liking it.

But enough about my love life. Zing!

For serious: I’m liking bees as a design icon recently and have been seeing bee and hive inspiration popping up everywhere. They are responsible for about 35% of the food we eat, and fuhgettabout their huge effect on the plant life…

So why not pay an homage to them? And here’s some real info about them

letter press bee card

from Paisley Dog Press

"flight of the bees" dress

A beehive inspired inspired pattern from Anthro

lilly suit

I never considered myself a Lilly Pulitzer girl.. but (gulp) I kinda love this bee-print bikini. Just in time for the last of the season swim in icy waters of the Atlantic. Really what I do is not swimming per se, its really called “swimping.” (Consider that term coined. You heard it here first) Despite a plethora of beach trips I have only submerged my body once this summer. I just do the good ol’ “spash and pat” made famous by old ladies and prissy moms alike. Sometimes I even do a hair dip. It gets the job done for us swimpers out there.

Nautical things

July 18, 2009

tutti boy girl collage


the black apple notebook

Maybe it is because of my recent trip to The Mermaid Inn, but I’m really into nautical things recently. Along with everyone else, it seems. I wonder if this trend will ever go out of style. To me there is nothing more classic than a striped shirt. (I happen to still be on my never-ending search for the perfect one.. this one is gettin’ there) I am just obsessed with piping, marine blues and rope details. Its all so “Jackie on the vineyard.” Retro and modern at the same time.

steven alan dressAlso I think I might like to pay a visit to the newly renovated Montauk Yacht Club. Or move in there. Whatever.Montauk Yacht club room

room with a sea view

typewriter wedding

Today my sweetie leaves for Paris (don’t worry I will be joining him next week!) which means I get to catch up on the guilty pleasures I dont engage in when he’s around. Namely watch Gossip Girl, and look at wedding blogs. Don’t jump to any conclusions on this one, I am not even close to walking down the aisle myself, I just love to look at the creative ways people customize their weddings. I think it appeals to my inner Martha or something, and well.. ugh whatever. Im not going to defend myself anymore. One look at this wedding I found on Style Me Pretty and you see what I mean.

They had a vintage typewriter and player piano theme where the music from the piano served as a runner for the table. Little pots of honey as favors, Mason jars filled with white lilies and can we talk about the shoes? Swoon. Now I have to go scour the internet for my own pair…


Rustic chic

April 14, 2009

While scanning the craft blog at Etsy I came across this picture of my dream kitchen realized.


Its reminds me of the Jamie Oliver show and I love how he’s always scooping things into a chipped bowl that looks a hundred years old. Etsy is great place to find vintage and hand crafted items that still look hip and don’t break the bank. (That sounded like an advertisement, but I dont get any cred for saying this stuff, honestly. I just love it over there. However if they were willing to pay for an advertisment I definitely wouldnt turn my nose up.. ahem. cough. cough..)


il_430xn660322241Ring necklacemilkbottles

My French Fantasy

April 9, 2009

So the mister and I are planning a trip to Paris next month and we have decided to rent a little pied-à-terre to stay at while we are there. As per usual, my expectations of the place are impossibly high and specific. I want it to be a whole “let’s pretend we really live here” kind of experience. And just like anytime I look for a place to really live, I have completely designed and decorated the place in my mind before I even start to scan Craigslist. Often no place even exists and the images are from some old Audrey Hepburn movie ( “Paris When it Sizzles” to be exact).

In the case of my Parisian dream apartment, I am haunted with images of huge french windows that open out to a small balcony covered in ivy where you can eat breakfast and look out over the streets. Light spills in from skylights onto the rustic farmhouse dining table. The bed is clean and white and a stack of books acts as a side table. The bathroom is simple and tiled with and antique mirror and claw foot tub and a little vanity where I can sit and do my hair and look exactly like Brigitte Bardot…

To make matters worse I keep feeding the fantasy by coming across images like this on This is Glamorous:

Cake and Milk stationary

March 30, 2009


I love personalized stationary. Its right up there with mascara on the list of things I feel compelled to buy no matter how much I have sitting at home. Perhaps its that “bygone era” thing that draws me to it, or the fact that when it arrives on the other end the recipient will say “Man, that girl has class.” A reaction I am always striving for. I love this set from Cake and Milk because the stitching keeps it from looking stuffy but still has that ladylike look. Is there a support group for addiction to luxury paper goods? Who knows, maybe one day you’ll find me buried under heaps of personalized stationary with my nude lashes wondering where all my spending money has gone.

My drug


I love you Jamie, oh yes I do… I love you Jamie, and your food line too. When your not on my TV, Im blue… Oh Jamie, I love you.

(But not in a “have your baby” way. More like a “watch every show you do, and giggle at your accent” kinda way.)


Harney & Sons teas

March 4, 2009

Harney & sons tea

The live-in and I are doing a 10 day detox which means I’m basically living off tea these days. And fruits. And veggies. And the occasional rice item. I am overjoyed with it, can you tell? We’re on day 4 which means I have a constant caffeine headache and am lusting after anything with a smidge of carbs in it. I’m sure by the end I’ll be so grateful for the spring cleaning. I plan to be luminous and svelte with skin a-glowing. And since I’m trying to veer my posts away from chocolate and baking to keep what’s left of my sanity intact, I thought I’d feature these lovely teas from Harney & Sons. The tins are so precious that I want the whole collection to keep around as little storage containers once the tea is gone. And believe you me, I can drink anyone under the tea table these days..

paris tea gift

Striped tee

March 4, 2009


Every so often I get a particular item of clothing in mind that I’m convinced will cure my fashion woes and become the perfect staple in my wardrobe. Lately it is the long sleeved striped tee. I plan to wear it under everything, cropped jackets, grey cardis, LBDs. Seems simple enough right? Wrong. It is surprisingly hard to find the right one. First of all, it is to be used in all sorts of layering ways so it must be long sleeved. You remember long sleeved shirts, right? They existed in the ancient times before someone said 3/4 sleeves made you look more petite and then charged up and ruled the nation, baring wrists and getting caught in every cardigan imaginable. Also it must be tissue-y and snug with skinny stripes. I ordered one from urban outfitters only to have it arrive with thick stripes that were, *gasp* printed on! I wear it anyway but I’m not happy about it.

This girl that I found on Garance Dore has got it just right. The sleeves even have a bit of extra length for scrunching! Of course she is a street style so she doesn’t come with links. The search continues..