Crocheted stones

November 4, 2009

crocheted stones

the measure of autumn

leaves on a garden bench

I recently happened upon Resurrection fern, a lovely nature inspired blog. The crocheted stones boggle my mind. I don’t understand how someone could crochet something so intricate and form fitting that its not removable. Her photos of organized foliage remind me of one of my favorite artists, Andy Goldsworthy. Boy, I need a walk in the woods.

Buy her photos and crafts here.


Where the wild things are

October 14, 2009

12 days since my last post. Egads! I have no good excuse other than I have just fallen out of the habit. I hope not to go that long without a peep ever again.

(I have also been very busy jewelry making, you can peruse the fruits of my labor here.)

I have to say, falling out of touch with your blog is a bit like letting to much time pass among friends. I miss you blog, and now there’s the awkward part where I wonder what I should say next… um. Hey, aren’t you looking forward to that “Where the wild things are” movie. Looks awesome right?


And now some “wild things” inspired things..

opening ceremony inspiration

its all about fur and crowns



I came across a “make your own wild things fort” contest and I’m in love.

Great excuse to relive one of my favorite childhood activities!




Before & afters

May 14, 2009

chic maps by nikkichic maps by nikki

I am a sucker for makeovers. I think that’s where my love for fashion and entertaining comes from. Take the every day and make it into something new. I love this trunk makeover by chic maps by nikki from a recent Design sponge post. See more before and afters here. I envy people that have the patience to completely reupholster something. So far this week the only renovation I have done is trimmed my own bangs after drinking a half a bottle of wine. I don’t recommend it.


April 17, 2009


I was just thinking how excited I am to get a big bunch of peonies, now that its spring and all (well according to tomorrows forecast only).  Then I happened on this lovely blog Peonies and Polaroids. Two of my favorite things! Just goes to show you that if you like something, somebody somewhere has probably dedicated an entire blog to it. Case in point, my fave twitter pal: Wierd News.

Save the Gentlemen

April 14, 2009

sidewalk stroll

Listen up guys: always wanted to be a gentleman but didn’t know how? Why not learn from a blog? That’s how I get all my information these days. I’m fascinated with rules of etiquette and their origins, and so should you because the gentleman is going the way of the polar bear, sadly (keep on fighting the good fight, Noah Wyle). I especially like this tidbit from Social Primer regarding what part of the sidewalk a gentleman should walk on.
“I wonder that some men are confused because they have read or heard the opposing opinion that a gentleman walks on the building side. This older opinion is that in the case that a flower pot or soup can should fall from a ledge or an open window and plunk his lady friend on the head, the gentleman would be there to catch said pot or at least absorb the brunt of the collision with his own thicker skull.”

I’m certainly glad we don’t live in a time where soup cans are falling out of windows!? Egads! FYI: the correct answer is outside because of splashing cars etc.

I especially like a post in the grooming section entitled “Goatees are for goats” which addresses my second least favorite facial hair design (the first is the skinny soul patch.) Goatees really don’t look good on anyone, well…save for the Mister and Johnny Depp, of course.

Baking with beats

February 28, 2009

Screen printed tees

February 16, 2009

Pause for shameless self- promotion. I just wanted to share these tees I made last week. Each one is hand printed by moi with an old knot illustration that I thought was pretty neato. Now available at my  brand-spanking-new Etsy shop for a limited time. Men and Women sizes available in a few different colors. Check it out and if you are an Etsy member, maybe you want to heart my shop, perhaps?

Days with my father

February 13, 2009


It always intrigues me when people use their blogging powers for good- not evil. I’ll admit I frequent those gossip sites that are the reading equivalent of  movie theater popcorn- not that fulfilling yet you just cannot stop eating it and if you don’t eat anything else, when you are done you feel weirdly hungry and sick. Same is true for gossip sites. So here is some bloggage that is more like health food. Simple, beautiful and heart healthy. Its a little “Tuesday’s with Morrie”-esque, in that chronicles a man’s relationship with his aging father, but its real and has some amazing photos. Reminds me of my fascination and love for my grandparents as they aged. Don’t mean to get all sappy and touching, but I think its something everyone can take pause and appreciate at some point in their lives. Lighter news about shoes or something in the next post, I promise.

Beach glass

February 13, 2009

beach junk

beach beauty

I love wandering the beach in search of softened specks of beach glass. As a kid I would load up my pockets with glass and little round stones that held onto the heat of the sun. Never in all my wanderings did I come across anything that was unscathed, and cleaned up as nicely as these treasures found by Emerson at An apple a day. Guess I have to go to Dead Horse Bay more often.

I never understood why people dread Valentine’s day, its all about togetherness, appreciation of the one you love, chocolate, card-making, sipping wine…what’s bad about that? Um, did I mention chocolate? A lot of guys get their feathers all ruffled around this time of year, wondering what to do and buy and curse the heavens along with their shallow pockets. But fret not, my lovlies, because if you have been lucky enough to be caught by cupid’s arrow, you dont need to be a moneybags to show her how much you care. All you need to do is: #1 not forget (which, if you are reading this, you have that taken care of. psst.. its next Saturday) and #2 scrape together around 30 bucks for this “Flirty Under $30 Gift Guide.” As for me? Im easy. All I really want is a guy to tell me I’m pretty and walk the dogs once and a while. Well, a little bubbly never killed anyone.

Another word of advice: never underestimate the power of a mix CD. It says all that you can’t in romantic music form, and becomes a sweet little relationship time capsule in the future. Click here for some of my favorites. You can even steal mine and pass it off as your own. Or, everything below is unique, reasonably priced and you can buy with a click of a button. Is that easy enough for you?

Burgundy Box

1. Chocolates. Don’t mess with a classic. I particularly like the ones in pretty boxes.

2. I guess its creepy to some but I love realistic pictures of hearts. This card is letterpress from Etsy, who says it has to be a Hallmark holiday? Support small artisans!

Sigrid Olsen bowl

3. Speaking of artisans, how does a one of a kind, handpainted bowl from Sigrid Olsen grab ya? Well, it doesn’t grab ya: its a bowl. (Sorry. Grandpa joke tangent.) I love to have something pretty to drop my earrings into when I’m off to bed. No two of these bowls are alike, and I bet if you ask really nicely she’ll even do a custom job. Yes- $30!

Vintage blue and white embroidered linen hand towel HERS

4. Some quirky vintage thing shows that you are thinking outside of the box. To me, old linens conjure up a bygone era where men tipped their caps and apologized to a lady after swearing. These days I’d settle for not being shoved and stepped on while riding the subway.

carpenter, love, lady of necklace

5. This is from a friend’s Etsy shop and I love her unique combo of charms. Its always nice to get simple necklaces like this because they go with everything aren’t something you would normally buy for yourself. Unless you are a shopping addict such as myself. I apologize if I beat you to it and this is no longer available in her shop. Now that I think of it I kinda regret sharing this…

Simple Hoops

6. What girl doesn’t need a good pair of hoop earrings? I put this one on here because its really foolproof and its from another great small artisan.

8x8 original fine art photograph on archival paper with a matte finish

7. You don’t always have to give candy and cards. A beautiful photo can be so romantic. Extra points if you take it yourself and have it framed.

Striped Bass with Saffron Vegetables and Spiced Broccoli Rabe

 8. Cook something delicious. Here’s a great recipe for striped bass with saffron vegetables. I happen to love saffron and I just learned that it has aphrodisiac properties and is used for rituals of beauty and love. Ooh lala!

9. Ok, don’t call me Mommie Dearest or anything, but I love to sleep with an eye mask. I really think you get a deeper sleep that way. This one has all the look of lingerie with none of the sizing conundrums. 

10. Thought I should include a little freebie here. And by that I mean: free. If all else fails and you really can’t spare a dime, or don’t want to deal with shipping, print out a picture of a heart in nature, write something nice on the back, and, voila! You are Prince (or Princess) Charming. (Yes, you could just email it at the very least.)

Stay tuned for the male guide. Because guys need love (read: chocolate) too…

Cups with stuff inside

January 22, 2009

teacup with chair

My morning cup of coffee was a little dissapointing today, I must say. One, because I accidentally put too much agave syrup in it which is never a good thing. Two, because I do not own either one of these delightful mugs that have a surprise inside. 

purple rose mugThere are from one of my new favorite online shopping destinations Yes, I know Llama is spelled with two “L’s” but they don’t, so just be nice and don’t mention it when you visit this cute site. (Actually, it stands for Latin America for the modern age) Also I’m thinking llama’s are pretty cool. They have soft fur, long lashes and they aren’t as played out as the deer head.

Llamas are cool


January 19, 2009

Faux Poloroid

The digital generation is great and all. I especially love that you no longer run into situations like returning from a trip to the Maldives, excitedly go to develop your film, only to discover that you really needed a flash and end up with nothing but a roll of dark blurry photos and no record of your amazing journey. I’ve never been to the Maldives but I imagine that would be really unfortunate.

Anyway, the only thing about this newfound convenience of digital cameras is they they have somehow killed off the oh so wonderful art of the Polaroid. Have you tried to buy Polaroid film recently? Well its virtually impossible and will set you back around 80 bucks. Yeah, I suppose you could just do some of the effect in Photoshop, but its just not the same. Humph. Hang on a sec, negative Nancy: have I got a link for you… Its an application here you drag your photos into a little camera icon and it converts them to Polaroid form. Complete with the foggy nostalgic look, camera sound and developing time. They really have thought of everything, haven’t they?


January 19, 2009


I like it when two things combine for something special. Its nice to have a balance in twos: boy dog  & girl dog, chocolate & peanut butter, She & Him, wine & cheese, and so on & so forth..

So I’m completely obsessed with this photo blog that shows pics of two friends who live 3191 miles apart and share random photos taken on the same day. They don’t discuss them beforehand and its amazing to see the similarities and how they complement each other in a beautiful subtle way. Their site 3191 has a huge following and they have also published a book, “A year of mornings.”


January 18, 2009

Poco Dolce chocolatesOk, so I get that its a little sad to sit at home and look at pictures of chocolate on the internet while I wipe drool off my keyboard, but hey, its Sunday and I’ve got nothing better to do. Plus this post is sort of topical with Valentines day around the corner, might be a good gift for that special someone in your life? Plus the photography on this site  is really simple and beautiful to look at. You don’t even need to- Ah, who am I kidding? Im probably going to order these for myself and devour the whole box before the tape is off. Especially those little toffee bastards.