Horses in art

November 18, 2009

Lately I have been feeling like I want to learn how to horseback ride. I had a chance at a lesson when I was little, but didn’t have the right shoes and so was stuck watching my friend trot around in circles, her hair blowing in the wind. Many years later in California, I went on a trail ride in the woods but its not the same as a real lesson. I have always thought horses were beautiful and incredible creatures and lets face it, equestrian fashion never goes out of style.

Lately it seems that equestrian art is becoming a trend, and I am in awe of these horse puppets for the West End play, “War Horse.” Kind of reminds me of these amazing driftwood sculptures by Heather Jansch.



November 13, 2009

twinkle headband

moth love bands

Free people headband

rosebud headband by Heart of Light

I never really fancied myself a headband girl, but my hasty decision to cut blunt bangs awhile back has left me with a chunk of unruly hair that needs taming. Enter the headband. A wonderful way to keep the wispys at bay and achieve that stylish school girl” look at the same time. No longer reserved for the prep set, weve come a long way from the puffy ribbon styles of yore. I prefer the ones with beaded and floral embellishments, they have a sublte tiara effect that appeals to my bohemian side. (pssst.. it is also a quick way to neaten up seriously ratty, dirty hair. A situation I find myself in all too often.)

My Thanksgiving Menu

November 11, 2009

Thought I’d share my Thanksgiving menu because I am getting so excited for Turkey day!

I linked all the recipes if you want to play along at home.  🙂

Spiced nuts

Beet- pickled deviled eggs

Broccoli and Cauliflower Gratin

Truffle Mashed Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes with Marshmallows

String Beans with Shallots

Cranberry Relish

Chestnut, Prune and Pancetta Stuffing

Alton Brown’s Roast Turkey

Cream Gravy

Maple Bourbon Pecan Pie

Perfect Pumpkin Pie

Vanilla and Apple Cider Panna Cotta

Fresh Pear Pie with Dried Cherries and Streusel Topping

Boy we are going to be stuffed! I promise to include pics once the day arrives. I have been a busy little crafting bee!

Embroidery hoops

November 7, 2009

chalkboard hoop

Bliss in a Teacup



Five Trees via Poppy talk


The Inspired Room

Using embroidery hoops for wall decor: quirky, cost effective and oh so hot right now.

I’m kind of impatient when it comes to crafts, so I don’t think actual embroidery is for me. Yesterday I was working on my napkins for Thanksgiving (I’ll share the whole process very soon!) and I was sewing so fast my machine sounded like it was going to take flight. Needless to say my hems are more than sorta crooked, they would make my Home-Ec teacher hang her head in shame. Ah well.

Wool blanket

October 27, 2009

picnic for two

One glimpse at this pic from This is Glamorous and I was sent into a shopping frenzy. Perhaps it’s the adorable picnic styling but, I know this: I must have that blanket. It is exactly the kind of cozy woolen thing that I want to curl up with this winter. I have spent the better part of the evening searching for something similar on Ebay, Etsy, Toast, even LL Bean to no avail.. thoughts anyone?


My sandwich

October 26, 2009

prosciutto sandwich

Prosciutto with cornichons, french butter, and cheddar cheese. Washed down with Vermont apple cider. Yum.

Pink stairs

October 20, 2009

pink stairs


Living in NYC there are some things that are considered the norm everywhere else in the world, but you totally forget they exist. I.e. owning a car, paying rent that isn’t gastronomical, having a backyard, taking the trash out, and yes having stairs. I have to say of all these things, (aside from the rent) I probably miss stairs the most. Especially since you could do something cool like paint them bright pink. I love it!

Apple picking

September 28, 2009

wine sign


pickers wanted

macoun sign

apple tree


It is my belief that if your boyfriend ever suggests something outdoorsy and potentially romantic, you should always take him up on it. Which is how I found myself in upstate New York this week at Warwick Valley Winery and Orchard. Truth be told I think it was more the wine tasting than the apple picking that piqued his interest, but I still got my outdoorsy fix. We did it in the correct order, starting things off with a tasting 6 wines and the most delicious hard cider ever made, and even a sip of grappa, and then stumbled our way through the orchard. It was probably the last warm day of the year, and a great way to spend it.

The last  few days I have been trying to figure out what in the world to do with all the apples we got. I have a feeling using up the wine won’t be much of a problem.

Sea at sunset

August 30, 2009


rocks stained by the sea

bird on the water

I cant believe how long it has been since my last post. I went off the grid last week on  a short little vaca back to my hometown. Despite a little rain shower it was probably the most perfect 3 days of the whole summer. A little beach time, some serene sunsets, ice cream, lobsta.. the whole shebang. 

Dove- Evolution

August 15, 2009

Having worked on many a photo shoot I can say that this video is exceedingly accurate. It is cool what Dove is doing to change our idea of beauty. And their ice cream bars are nothing short of delicious.


August 9, 2009


illustration by Misato Suzuki

Neil Farber Untitled Birds

by Neil Farber


from You carry my love inside your heartbeat

Some birds to go along with my “bees” inspiration. I love this idea of flight and nesting that birds have. Right now I identify with more of the nesting side as I have a bad cold and have barely left the house today. I watched 3 episodes of that Tori Spelling show, one bad Ricki Lake movie, and Sleepless in Seattle for the umpteenth time. I think all of them made me cry at some point. (Don’t judge me. I’m a sap like that.) Then I ordered mexican food and snapped at the guy for taking too long. Very eventful day.

Geez I hope I get better soon..

Post-it love

August 6, 2009

What a cute vid about office love. It seems as though paper is becoming extinct and this reminds you of the classic nature of the lowly post-it. I tried not to cringe when I thought of the wastefulness. I think the romantic in me beat out the environmentalist on this one. 


August 4, 2009

Sometimes I spot a thing that I didn’t even know I was into but it just keeps following me around until I submit to liking it.

But enough about my love life. Zing!

For serious: I’m liking bees as a design icon recently and have been seeing bee and hive inspiration popping up everywhere. They are responsible for about 35% of the food we eat, and fuhgettabout their huge effect on the plant life…

So why not pay an homage to them? And here’s some real info about them

letter press bee card

from Paisley Dog Press

"flight of the bees" dress

A beehive inspired inspired pattern from Anthro

lilly suit

I never considered myself a Lilly Pulitzer girl.. but (gulp) I kinda love this bee-print bikini. Just in time for the last of the season swim in icy waters of the Atlantic. Really what I do is not swimming per se, its really called “swimping.” (Consider that term coined. You heard it here first) Despite a plethora of beach trips I have only submerged my body once this summer. I just do the good ol’ “spash and pat” made famous by old ladies and prissy moms alike. Sometimes I even do a hair dip. It gets the job done for us swimpers out there.

Sweet Dreams

August 2, 2009

This is almost 10 minutes long but worth it if you are in the mood for a very imaginative little animation.

By Kirsten Lepore, found via Le Love.

Alice in Wonderland

July 23, 2009


I am so excited for Time Burton’s remake of this classic tale. Apparently Disney has taken down the trailer from YouTube as it was leaked too early. But now you can see a better version here. I can only imagine the fantastically creepy things Burton is going to do and I would never miss anything with my dearest Depp.

johnny depp as mad hatter

 I know a Depp crush isn’t all that original these days. Even Parisian Glamour is in on it. A little tribute from an old August ’08 issue..

Johnny Depp at home