Horses in art

November 18, 2009

Lately I have been feeling like I want to learn how to horseback ride. I had a chance at a lesson when I was little, but didn’t have the right shoes and so was stuck watching my friend trot around in circles, her hair blowing in the wind. Many years later in California, I went on a trail ride in the woods but its not the same as a real lesson. I have always thought horses were beautiful and incredible creatures and lets face it, equestrian fashion never goes out of style.

Lately it seems that equestrian art is becoming a trend, and I am in awe of these horse puppets for the West End play, “War Horse.” Kind of reminds me of these amazing driftwood sculptures by Heather Jansch.


1 dress 365 days

November 10, 2009

I have often thought I could go a whole year only wearing dresses. Aside from jeans, I’m not very enthusiastic about pants in general, and dresses are a great way to look put together without much effort. But ONE dress everyday all year? Now that shows commitment. It’s called the Uniform Project and it is about bringing awareness to sustainable fashion and raising money for India’s poorest schools via the Akanksha Foundation.

Aside from being a great cause with an interesting concept, the girl knows how to accessorize!

sept 3rd

sept 5th

oct 11th

nov 3rd

Embroidery hoops

November 7, 2009

chalkboard hoop

Bliss in a Teacup



Five Trees via Poppy talk


The Inspired Room

Using embroidery hoops for wall decor: quirky, cost effective and oh so hot right now.

I’m kind of impatient when it comes to crafts, so I don’t think actual embroidery is for me. Yesterday I was working on my napkins for Thanksgiving (I’ll share the whole process very soon!) and I was sewing so fast my machine sounded like it was going to take flight. Needless to say my hems are more than sorta crooked, they would make my Home-Ec teacher hang her head in shame. Ah well.

Crocheted stones

November 4, 2009

crocheted stones

the measure of autumn

leaves on a garden bench

I recently happened upon Resurrection fern, a lovely nature inspired blog. The crocheted stones boggle my mind. I don’t understand how someone could crochet something so intricate and form fitting that its not removable. Her photos of organized foliage remind me of one of my favorite artists, Andy Goldsworthy. Boy, I need a walk in the woods.

Buy her photos and crafts here.

Wool blanket

October 27, 2009

picnic for two

One glimpse at this pic from This is Glamorous and I was sent into a shopping frenzy. Perhaps it’s the adorable picnic styling but, I know this: I must have that blanket. It is exactly the kind of cozy woolen thing that I want to curl up with this winter. I have spent the better part of the evening searching for something similar on Ebay, Etsy, Toast, even LL Bean to no avail.. thoughts anyone?


Kid dressing for adults

October 25, 2009




Kimchi Blue skimmer

I dont know what it is about fall but as soon as the tempature drops I start wanting to dress like an 8-year old. Little cardigands mary janes, knee socks. Maybe its all the “Back to school” dressing that has been permenantly ingrained in my mind over the years, but I love to have a prim and proper wardrobe of grays and navy for the cooler times. Also, I love this teddy bear.


Dieppa Restrepo shoes

October 20, 2009




My boyfriend really likes to live on the edge when it comes to gift giving. When he was in Paris awhile back, he brought me back some treats from laduree (well that one is a sure fire bet with me) and a pair of shoes. Me, the girl with a wall of shoes, very picky designer taste and lets be honest, what bf even knows his girlfriends size without asking 10 times? And to take it further: what girl wouldn’t need to try on a few pairs before being sure that her usual size isn’t too snug? And he bought me flat shoes, which could go seriously wrong considering there are many ugly flat shoes that I would never wear. But he pulled it off with a pair of patent leather wingtips that fit like a glove and scream “Oui, I am zee real thing and I aum fwom Pareee!” (terrible french accent) and this was last winter before Urban Oufitters starting knocking em off.

Now Dieppara Restrepo has made these classy casuals in a rainbow of colors to match all my favorite macaron flavors! 

Oh wait, I have to wait until spring to get em? Drat!

yum macaron!

Old photos

October 14, 2009

We spent the weekend at a wedding in the tropical climate of Omaha, Nebraska. I said at one point that it felt like we took off in Fall and landed smack dab in Winter. Which was very aptly put if I do say so myself. Snow in the beginning of October.

Luckily it was very pretty snow and fell fresh and white on the morning of the wedding. And the trip was nice and relaxing. While the mister was busy watching more college football than any living girlfriend should ever have to endure, I got to look through old photos of his fam in the  fashionable seventies.

I love looking at old pictures of my mom in her liquid eyeliner and  long sleeved prom dress. Oh the sideburns, Farrah curls and polyester pants that were part of our heritage. Kinda makes you realize why someone created this brilliant website: My parents were awesome. Here’s some of my favorites from the site:

pink dress dame

polkdot tie dude

rebel dad

lift with love

Where the wild things are

October 14, 2009

12 days since my last post. Egads! I have no good excuse other than I have just fallen out of the habit. I hope not to go that long without a peep ever again.

(I have also been very busy jewelry making, you can peruse the fruits of my labor here.)

I have to say, falling out of touch with your blog is a bit like letting to much time pass among friends. I miss you blog, and now there’s the awkward part where I wonder what I should say next… um. Hey, aren’t you looking forward to that “Where the wild things are” movie. Looks awesome right?


And now some “wild things” inspired things..

opening ceremony inspiration

its all about fur and crowns



I came across a “make your own wild things fort” contest and I’m in love.

Great excuse to relive one of my favorite childhood activities!




Out of the box art

October 1, 2009

Amazing real stop motion street art.




And Jason Hackenwerth’s balloon art.

Natalie Portman at TFF

September 20, 2009


Dear Natalie, If you keep making such gorgeous fashion choices like the Lanvin frock you wore at the Toronto premiere of Love and Other Possible Pursuits, I will have to consider myself your style stalker. I mean, you are kind of asking for it by wearing my favorite color, pairing it with understated shoes, oomph-ing it back up with bright lipstick and then standing there looking all innocent. However I don’t know how I feel about the earrings. They might be too plastic-y and “claire’s” looking.. I’ll get back to you. Thanks.

Grey matter(s)

September 20, 2009

burberry cardi

cozy bed


One of the things I love/hate about the fashion industry is the fact that colors are reintroduced with the same wild enthusiasm season after season. “go for sunny yellow this summer” “pink is so feminine!” or “gray is the new black” As if no one has ever worn anything but black.

And the truth is, I find myself playing along every year. Every september I seem to fall in love with heather grey all over again. I want to crawl into this bedding from the toast catalogue, love this burberry sweater with a well placed fair isle pattern, and of course Heidi, with the blunt bangs I have always coveted. Grey just has a cozy warmth to it and looks great with punches of color. Im even thinking these curtains might look nice in my apartment this fall…

west elm curtains


September 17, 2009

colorscopeI like this little color grid from one of my favorite creatively inspiring shops and personal pocketbook drainer- The Paper Source. The shades are so pretty and I picked fuchsia which seems pretty accurate..

(Click here to see in a separate window and zoom.)

Phonebook dress

September 15, 2009

phonebook dress

I often wonder what the point of telephone books is these days. Here’s one fab idea by Jolis Paons… which reminds me: when is the “make clothes out of non fabric” episode of Project Runway?

** Update** HOLY COW! Did I call that or what? Right after I posted this there was an episode of project runway where they made dresses out of newspaper. I swear I didn’t know! Perhaps I’m psychic?


August 9, 2009


illustration by Misato Suzuki

Neil Farber Untitled Birds

by Neil Farber


from You carry my love inside your heartbeat

Some birds to go along with my “bees” inspiration. I love this idea of flight and nesting that birds have. Right now I identify with more of the nesting side as I have a bad cold and have barely left the house today. I watched 3 episodes of that Tori Spelling show, one bad Ricki Lake movie, and Sleepless in Seattle for the umpteenth time. I think all of them made me cry at some point. (Don’t judge me. I’m a sap like that.) Then I ordered mexican food and snapped at the guy for taking too long. Very eventful day.

Geez I hope I get better soon..