tree love

What a gorgeous day today. A found heart leaf at night and the tree from whence it came, by day.


Found heart: potato

November 4, 2009

this spuds for you

A friend found this at the farmer’s market and sent it to me in the mail. Simply receiving a package that isn’t something I ordered from West Elm is exciting enough, but a found heart? It brightened my day! Thanks M. 

Found heart: Filet Mignon

September 27, 2009

heart at steak

Look what I found when we went out for my friend Kate’s birthday at The Flying Cow in Williamsburg.

A steak after my own heart.

Found heart: stone

September 12, 2009

heart of stone

Though Omaha Nebraska is not the most likely Labor day weekend destination, I had the most delightful getaway there last weekend. Gay wedding in Iowa, a Conor Oberst sighting, sunny days by the pool, plenty of steak and fresh corn and lots (probably too much) beer fueled dance parties.

…and a little “found heart” spotting!



A friend sent me this pic of a chipped heart on her door stoop and it is so perfect its really remarkable. The adorable chubby hand just makes it that much better. I want to gobble it up.

Then a whole 200 miles away I was angrily walking home from the subway and came across this little guy.

Not as perfect but similar.

heart on a string

Geeez we should have a combined photo blog or something…


Found heart: Thai soup

July 14, 2009

thai iced tea

lil scallion heart

I looove thai iced tea. It makes me bonkers and its so cool to look at. I think I love finding hearts in my soup just as much.

Found hearts: animals

July 13, 2009



Japan Valentine

heart tongue

Some “found hearts” that friends have sent me knowing how much I love them.

A click on the top one brings you to a hilariously odd blog.

petit coeur

A little cutout resembling a heart and my toe that would soon feel the effects of the long walk to dinner.
(I have taken a lot of pictures with my big camera but alas, forgot the cord to upload. So I will just have to make do with iPhone posts in the meantime..)

Flan for two

April 30, 2009


I hate to miss a day in the blogosphere and sadly I haven’t been writing recently because I have been busy working and enjoying the sunny weather. 

Yesterday was a little of both and I got to enjoy New York again in my favorite way. Eating and drinking al fresco. When I first moved here I had a theory that a night of going out wasn’t complete until you visit 3 places. Obviously this seems excessive anywhere else, but in NYC I am imbued with sort of “bar ADD” and so staying on the move makes the night feel like a fun and diverse tour. I haven’t engaged in my 3 place tradition in some time, but the warm summer air last night brought out that infectious bar hopper in me.

This pic was from the first stop. Flan is not a notoriously beautiful dessert, and so maybe it was the happy hour margaritas talking but I just had to take a before and after. (I think the drinks were stronger than I thought because because mid-photo I plopped my entire iphone directly in the lovely dish. whoops!)


flan beforeflan after

You gotta love the requisite “no, you have it” wedge that is left when sharing a dessert. I like to think of it as an offering to the dessert gods. An “angel’s share” if you will. On second glimpse I think there might even be a found heart in that pic somewhere…

Found heart- sidewalk

March 7, 2009

Street heartA sprinkling of rain and this dry spot was left behind.

Found heart- Beet

February 17, 2009


I don’t know if I am just lucky to be given heart shaped things so often, or if I like finding them so I am always searching. Either way, they seem to be popping up everywhere. Today, in my desk lunch.

Found Heart- Oyster

February 16, 2009

oyster heart

Oyster heart on Valentine’s Day. What Luck!

I never understood why people dread Valentine’s day, its all about togetherness, appreciation of the one you love, chocolate, card-making, sipping wine…what’s bad about that? Um, did I mention chocolate? A lot of guys get their feathers all ruffled around this time of year, wondering what to do and buy and curse the heavens along with their shallow pockets. But fret not, my lovlies, because if you have been lucky enough to be caught by cupid’s arrow, you dont need to be a moneybags to show her how much you care. All you need to do is: #1 not forget (which, if you are reading this, you have that taken care of. psst.. its next Saturday) and #2 scrape together around 30 bucks for this “Flirty Under $30 Gift Guide.” As for me? Im easy. All I really want is a guy to tell me I’m pretty and walk the dogs once and a while. Well, a little bubbly never killed anyone.

Another word of advice: never underestimate the power of a mix CD. It says all that you can’t in romantic music form, and becomes a sweet little relationship time capsule in the future. Click here for some of my favorites. You can even steal mine and pass it off as your own. Or, everything below is unique, reasonably priced and you can buy with a click of a button. Is that easy enough for you?

Burgundy Box

1. Chocolates. Don’t mess with a classic. I particularly like the ones in pretty boxes.

2. I guess its creepy to some but I love realistic pictures of hearts. This card is letterpress from Etsy, who says it has to be a Hallmark holiday? Support small artisans!

Sigrid Olsen bowl

3. Speaking of artisans, how does a one of a kind, handpainted bowl from Sigrid Olsen grab ya? Well, it doesn’t grab ya: its a bowl. (Sorry. Grandpa joke tangent.) I love to have something pretty to drop my earrings into when I’m off to bed. No two of these bowls are alike, and I bet if you ask really nicely she’ll even do a custom job. Yes- $30!

Vintage blue and white embroidered linen hand towel HERS

4. Some quirky vintage thing shows that you are thinking outside of the box. To me, old linens conjure up a bygone era where men tipped their caps and apologized to a lady after swearing. These days I’d settle for not being shoved and stepped on while riding the subway.

carpenter, love, lady of necklace

5. This is from a friend’s Etsy shop and I love her unique combo of charms. Its always nice to get simple necklaces like this because they go with everything aren’t something you would normally buy for yourself. Unless you are a shopping addict such as myself. I apologize if I beat you to it and this is no longer available in her shop. Now that I think of it I kinda regret sharing this…

Simple Hoops

6. What girl doesn’t need a good pair of hoop earrings? I put this one on here because its really foolproof and its from another great small artisan.

8x8 original fine art photograph on archival paper with a matte finish

7. You don’t always have to give candy and cards. A beautiful photo can be so romantic. Extra points if you take it yourself and have it framed.

Striped Bass with Saffron Vegetables and Spiced Broccoli Rabe

 8. Cook something delicious. Here’s a great recipe for striped bass with saffron vegetables. I happen to love saffron and I just learned that it has aphrodisiac properties and is used for rituals of beauty and love. Ooh lala!

9. Ok, don’t call me Mommie Dearest or anything, but I love to sleep with an eye mask. I really think you get a deeper sleep that way. This one has all the look of lingerie with none of the sizing conundrums. 

10. Thought I should include a little freebie here. And by that I mean: free. If all else fails and you really can’t spare a dime, or don’t want to deal with shipping, print out a picture of a heart in nature, write something nice on the back, and, voila! You are Prince (or Princess) Charming. (Yes, you could just email it at the very least.)

Stay tuned for the male guide. Because guys need love (read: chocolate) too…