Party Dresses!

November 19, 2009

Yesterday was my 200th post and what better way to celebrate than with a glimpse at some of my fave dresses for the holiday season? This weekend I am working on the decorations for my Thanksgiving/Birthday shindig and I couldn’t be more in the party spirit!!



November 13, 2009

twinkle headband

moth love bands

Free people headband

rosebud headband by Heart of Light

I never really fancied myself a headband girl, but my hasty decision to cut blunt bangs awhile back has left me with a chunk of unruly hair that needs taming. Enter the headband. A wonderful way to keep the wispys at bay and achieve that stylish school girl” look at the same time. No longer reserved for the prep set, weve come a long way from the puffy ribbon styles of yore. I prefer the ones with beaded and floral embellishments, they have a sublte tiara effect that appeals to my bohemian side. (pssst.. it is also a quick way to neaten up seriously ratty, dirty hair. A situation I find myself in all too often.)


November 11, 2009

10 over six

10over6 racing glovesLoeffler Randall

I just discovered this store called TENOVERSIX and immediately found 3 things I want to buy. The coat is so chic and I love anything you can wear in the winter thats not black. Driving gloves have become a new obsession and have me shopping endlessly on leatherglovesonline for the perfect pair. But these just might be it. I love the zipper. The heels from Loeffler Randall

well, as Rachel Zoe says, I die.

1 dress 365 days

November 10, 2009

I have often thought I could go a whole year only wearing dresses. Aside from jeans, I’m not very enthusiastic about pants in general, and dresses are a great way to look put together without much effort. But ONE dress everyday all year? Now that shows commitment. It’s called the Uniform Project and it is about bringing awareness to sustainable fashion and raising money for India’s poorest schools via the Akanksha Foundation.

Aside from being a great cause with an interesting concept, the girl knows how to accessorize!

sept 3rd

sept 5th

oct 11th

nov 3rd

Kid dressing for adults

October 25, 2009




Kimchi Blue skimmer

I dont know what it is about fall but as soon as the tempature drops I start wanting to dress like an 8-year old. Little cardigands mary janes, knee socks. Maybe its all the “Back to school” dressing that has been permenantly ingrained in my mind over the years, but I love to have a prim and proper wardrobe of grays and navy for the cooler times. Also, I love this teddy bear.


Dieppa Restrepo shoes

October 20, 2009




My boyfriend really likes to live on the edge when it comes to gift giving. When he was in Paris awhile back, he brought me back some treats from laduree (well that one is a sure fire bet with me) and a pair of shoes. Me, the girl with a wall of shoes, very picky designer taste and lets be honest, what bf even knows his girlfriends size without asking 10 times? And to take it further: what girl wouldn’t need to try on a few pairs before being sure that her usual size isn’t too snug? And he bought me flat shoes, which could go seriously wrong considering there are many ugly flat shoes that I would never wear. But he pulled it off with a pair of patent leather wingtips that fit like a glove and scream “Oui, I am zee real thing and I aum fwom Pareee!” (terrible french accent) and this was last winter before Urban Oufitters starting knocking em off.

Now Dieppara Restrepo has made these classy casuals in a rainbow of colors to match all my favorite macaron flavors! 

Oh wait, I have to wait until spring to get em? Drat!

yum macaron!

Where the wild things are

October 14, 2009

12 days since my last post. Egads! I have no good excuse other than I have just fallen out of the habit. I hope not to go that long without a peep ever again.

(I have also been very busy jewelry making, you can peruse the fruits of my labor here.)

I have to say, falling out of touch with your blog is a bit like letting to much time pass among friends. I miss you blog, and now there’s the awkward part where I wonder what I should say next… um. Hey, aren’t you looking forward to that “Where the wild things are” movie. Looks awesome right?


And now some “wild things” inspired things..

opening ceremony inspiration

its all about fur and crowns



I came across a “make your own wild things fort” contest and I’m in love.

Great excuse to relive one of my favorite childhood activities!




Natalie Portman at TFF

September 20, 2009


Dear Natalie, If you keep making such gorgeous fashion choices like the Lanvin frock you wore at the Toronto premiere of Love and Other Possible Pursuits, I will have to consider myself your style stalker. I mean, you are kind of asking for it by wearing my favorite color, pairing it with understated shoes, oomph-ing it back up with bright lipstick and then standing there looking all innocent. However I don’t know how I feel about the earrings. They might be too plastic-y and “claire’s” looking.. I’ll get back to you. Thanks.

Grey matter(s)

September 20, 2009

burberry cardi

cozy bed


One of the things I love/hate about the fashion industry is the fact that colors are reintroduced with the same wild enthusiasm season after season. “go for sunny yellow this summer” “pink is so feminine!” or “gray is the new black” As if no one has ever worn anything but black.

And the truth is, I find myself playing along every year. Every september I seem to fall in love with heather grey all over again. I want to crawl into this bedding from the toast catalogue, love this burberry sweater with a well placed fair isle pattern, and of course Heidi, with the blunt bangs I have always coveted. Grey just has a cozy warmth to it and looks great with punches of color. Im even thinking these curtains might look nice in my apartment this fall…

west elm curtains

Phonebook dress

September 15, 2009

phonebook dress

I often wonder what the point of telephone books is these days. Here’s one fab idea by Jolis Paons… which reminds me: when is the “make clothes out of non fabric” episode of Project Runway?

** Update** HOLY COW! Did I call that or what? Right after I posted this there was an episode of project runway where they made dresses out of newspaper. I swear I didn’t know! Perhaps I’m psychic?


August 4, 2009

Sometimes I spot a thing that I didn’t even know I was into but it just keeps following me around until I submit to liking it.

But enough about my love life. Zing!

For serious: I’m liking bees as a design icon recently and have been seeing bee and hive inspiration popping up everywhere. They are responsible for about 35% of the food we eat, and fuhgettabout their huge effect on the plant life…

So why not pay an homage to them? And here’s some real info about them

letter press bee card

from Paisley Dog Press

"flight of the bees" dress

A beehive inspired inspired pattern from Anthro

lilly suit

I never considered myself a Lilly Pulitzer girl.. but (gulp) I kinda love this bee-print bikini. Just in time for the last of the season swim in icy waters of the Atlantic. Really what I do is not swimming per se, its really called “swimping.” (Consider that term coined. You heard it here first) Despite a plethora of beach trips I have only submerged my body once this summer. I just do the good ol’ “spash and pat” made famous by old ladies and prissy moms alike. Sometimes I even do a hair dip. It gets the job done for us swimpers out there.

Mustard yellow

July 19, 2009

The Sartorialist

One of my favorites from the now defunct Domino magazine was “Can this outfit be turned into a room?” feature. I saw this great pic on The Sartorialist and was very inspired by this dude’s duds. The unique color combo is so chic, summery and upbeat (along with his attitude) I love that mustard yellow with pink. I couldn’t quite find an image of a room that embodied the spirit of this outfit but it did remind me of this photo from Twig Hutchinson.

yellow dress 

or this…


Nautical things

July 18, 2009

tutti boy girl collage


the black apple notebook

Maybe it is because of my recent trip to The Mermaid Inn, but I’m really into nautical things recently. Along with everyone else, it seems. I wonder if this trend will ever go out of style. To me there is nothing more classic than a striped shirt. (I happen to still be on my never-ending search for the perfect one.. this one is gettin’ there) I am just obsessed with piping, marine blues and rope details. Its all so “Jackie on the vineyard.” Retro and modern at the same time.

steven alan dressAlso I think I might like to pay a visit to the newly renovated Montauk Yacht Club. Or move in there. Whatever.Montauk Yacht club room

room with a sea view


June 9, 2009


From the best macaron destination in Paris- Pierre Herme. Almost too pretty to eat. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I didn’t even make it to one of my favorite Paris destinations this time- Laduree. Though the macarons are worlds better, Pierre Herme can never take the place of Laduree for me. Laduree is like a classic princess pastry shop to PH’s slick couture minimalism. It like Oscar de la Renta versus Lanvin. Theres room in my heart (or in this case, my tummy) for both.

dozens of flavorsso chic, so yummy

Worishofer Sandals

May 25, 2009

Worishofer Sandals

Tonight while walking the dogs I found myself in an unusually good mood. This does not happen often since they are terrible on the leash and as many dog owners know, it often feels more like a chore than just getting some fresh air. I even *smiled* at passersby. The weather felt just like a summer night should be, right after a rain storm, warm and balmy with a slightly cool breeze.

But it wasn’t just the weather accounting for my good mood, I engaged in two of my favorite activities today: Girl’s brunch and shoe shopping. The latter of which provided me with these babies. Not the sexy, sleek kind of shoes I normally go for, but exactly what my wardrobe needs. I was hunting for something that was comfortable enough for long walks exploring some European locale (say, Paris?) but not so comfort looking that they scream “trashy American.” Plus, they have a little elevation to keep me away from that NYC grime when I’m not abroad. And a $70 price tag to boot? Oui, oui, ma cherie! I got mine at my favorite local shoe store, Shoe Market in Williamsburg but you can buy em online here. Did I mention the fine German craftsmanship?