L.A. Burdick Chocolate

November 2, 2009


box o choc

One of my favorite chocolate shops is located in Cambridge, MA. It is the kind of place that on a chilly winter day, the smell of hot chocolate wafts out the front door and through the foggy windows you can see people packed in around small european tables eating pastries and sipping tea.

All L.A. Burdick chocolate is homemade in the swiss tradition which basically means they are tiny bonbons of melt in your mouth perfection. So imagine my delight when I heard that this fine establishment opened up on 20th street, a hop, skip and a jump from me! I just had to go and treat myself to a box of chocolates to welcome them to the neighborhood. Im slightly ashamed to admit it didn’t even last 24 hours in my possession. I always save the adorable little mouse for last!

last mouse

Update: I just saw they have turkeys available for thanksgiving! Adorable.

you turkey


Found heart: Filet Mignon

September 27, 2009

heart at steak

Look what I found when we went out for my friend Kate’s birthday at The Flying Cow in Williamsburg.

A steak after my own heart.

Nautical things

July 18, 2009

tutti boy girl collage


the black apple notebook

Maybe it is because of my recent trip to The Mermaid Inn, but I’m really into nautical things recently. Along with everyone else, it seems. I wonder if this trend will ever go out of style. To me there is nothing more classic than a striped shirt. (I happen to still be on my never-ending search for the perfect one.. this one is gettin’ there) I am just obsessed with piping, marine blues and rope details. Its all so “Jackie on the vineyard.” Retro and modern at the same time.

steven alan dressAlso I think I might like to pay a visit to the newly renovated Montauk Yacht Club. Or move in there. Whatever.Montauk Yacht club room

room with a sea view

Found heart: Thai soup

July 14, 2009

thai iced tea

lil scallion heart

I looove thai iced tea. It makes me bonkers and its so cool to look at. I think I love finding hearts in my soup just as much.


June 10, 2009


Like I mentioned before, we had a laundry list of places to eat and drink while in Paris. While most of them were optional, one certainly was not. Racines is a mandatory stop for anyone that loves fresh, inspired cooking and drinking the best natural wine you can get your hands on. Hidden on the quaint passage des Panoramas, the moment you walk in to this little jewel, you get the feeling you may never want to leave (we spent 3+ hours there). 

The lardo di colonnata is unlike anything you have ever tasted-as if the best butter in the world were masquerading as charcuterie. It has a following, I even spotted a group of people snacking on the stuff straight from the meat slicer while waiting for a table.

The rest of the food is deceptively simple and unequivocally fresh. It’s classic french cooking with a slightly Italian edge. The chef and mastermind, Pierre welcomed us and  talked us through the menu, including a salad made of vegetables from Alain Passard’s garden. I don’t know how you gain access to such a place, but that alone sold me and was one of the best salads I’ve ever had. Then it was onto crispy skinned chicken and chocolate tart for dessert. Expertly executed and delicious. If you find yourself in Paris and want a great “locals only” spot you must go to Racines. I already can’t wait to go back.

Did I mention the wine? Oh my god, the wine.

Salad the way it should be


June 9, 2009


From the best macaron destination in Paris- Pierre Herme. Almost too pretty to eat. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I didn’t even make it to one of my favorite Paris destinations this time- Laduree. Though the macarons are worlds better, Pierre Herme can never take the place of Laduree for me. Laduree is like a classic princess pastry shop to PH’s slick couture minimalism. It like Oscar de la Renta versus Lanvin. Theres room in my heart (or in this case, my tummy) for both.

dozens of flavorsso chic, so yummy


June 6, 2009


From a long lunch in Monmartre. We decided that if you had this dish at home and filled it with butter, garlic and parsley it would still be just as good. I guess the escargot makes for a more appropriate vehicle though…

Le Verre Volé

June 5, 2009

goat cheese, radish and salmon eggs on toasttart with white peaches and honey

A few photos of the aforementioned dinner (it was worth the toe pain) a charming place where guests and bottles of delicious natural wine are packed in like sardines. Cozy and rustic, Le Verre Volé is a cute “in the know” place with a small menu of country delights (although I had to hold my tongue when the boyfriend ordered blood sausage). The menu has to be small- look at the size of the kitchen!

verre vole kitchen

Paris in my mind..

May 27, 2009


I know it has been a slow week here on the ol’ blog, but don’t give up on me. I’m just gearing up for what promises to be a week filled with things I like to look at at, do and consume. After I posted about my hunt for the perfect place, the man and I found a great little apartment in the Marais that seems to meet my high standards. And if it doesn’t? Who the heck cares? Tomorrow I’ll be in Paris and all I really need is a place to rest my macaron- filled belly. The recommendations from our dear foodie (and wine-obsessed) friends got to be so much that I even created a spreadsheet to keep track of them all. I will simply not tolerate a bad meal. And in a wonderful stroke of luck, my tax return arrived in the mail today, so it looks like I won’t have to scrimp after all! So with that, I am off. Next post will be from abroad!

Au Revoir!

Mas tacos, por favor

May 13, 2009


taco window


I was lucky enough to spend Cinco De Mayo in Nashville this year and what better way to celebrate but with tacos and watermelon margaritas from the best taco truck on earth… “Mas Tacos, Por Favor“? The owner and one of my favorite people, Teresa threw quite a shindig complete with elote, mexican flags and live latin music.

Follow the truck on twitter to find out when it might be in a hood near you. I promise you will be hooked!

taco line

happy de mayo

Kumquat Cupcakes

April 30, 2009

Kumquat cupcakery

One of my favorite finds at the Brooklyn Flea last weekend. Despite the fact that a mini cupcake is a bit redundant (its already a small cake!) I kinda love the adorable tiny-ness of these things. One bite of perfection. Makes eating a dozen scarily doable.

chocolate blueberry delish from kumquat

Flan for two

April 30, 2009


I hate to miss a day in the blogosphere and sadly I haven’t been writing recently because I have been busy working and enjoying the sunny weather. 

Yesterday was a little of both and I got to enjoy New York again in my favorite way. Eating and drinking al fresco. When I first moved here I had a theory that a night of going out wasn’t complete until you visit 3 places. Obviously this seems excessive anywhere else, but in NYC I am imbued with sort of “bar ADD” and so staying on the move makes the night feel like a fun and diverse tour. I haven’t engaged in my 3 place tradition in some time, but the warm summer air last night brought out that infectious bar hopper in me.

This pic was from the first stop. Flan is not a notoriously beautiful dessert, and so maybe it was the happy hour margaritas talking but I just had to take a before and after. (I think the drinks were stronger than I thought because because mid-photo I plopped my entire iphone directly in the lovely dish. whoops!)


flan beforeflan after

You gotta love the requisite “no, you have it” wedge that is left when sharing a dessert. I like to think of it as an offering to the dessert gods. An “angel’s share” if you will. On second glimpse I think there might even be a found heart in that pic somewhere…

Clam pizza

April 20, 2009

Fornino's clam pizza

Sounds wierd, but it’s good. From Fornino in Williamsburg.

Grilled Cheese

April 9, 2009

April is National Grilled Cheese month. Who knew? Pointless holiday promotion aside, this menu from the new Artisanal Bistro makes me want to celebrate. Especially on the 13th! Maybe its time for a lunch break..

Sweetiepie restaurant

March 31, 2009


I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for fun places to take my niece when she come to New York. This place would have been my dream restaurant as a young thing obsessed with tea parties, Willy Wonka and all things girly. Its kind of what I expected Serendipity to be, which really didn’t live up to the hype with shoddy service, crabby kids and black flies swarming our table the entire meal. Another plus is that Sweetiepie is in the charming West Village, nearby to my fave tea joint Tea & Sympathy. Best of all, its not just vicarious fun, they appeal to the grown- up princess in me as well. So now I can have mycake and wash it down with an absinthe champagne cocktail too. Oh lala!

sit on a tuffet