Wedding entrance

July 29, 2009

I’ve been sending this to everyone I know. I just think its so funny and original. More here.


Alice in Wonderland

July 23, 2009


I am so excited for Time Burton’s remake of this classic tale. Apparently Disney has taken down the trailer from YouTube as it was leaked too early. But now you can see a better version here. I can only imagine the fantastically creepy things Burton is going to do and I would never miss anything with my dearest Depp.

johnny depp as mad hatter

 I know a Depp crush isn’t all that original these days. Even Parisian Glamour is in on it. A little tribute from an old August ’08 issue..

Johnny Depp at home

Paper flowers

July 22, 2009


These are made of paper. Incredible. Need I say more?


from martha stewart weddings




by Jude Miller

Peach creme caramel

July 22, 2009

peach creme caramel

I was watching Giada the other day and at one point she specified that you should use a wooden spoon because they didn’t have plastic spatulas in old Italy and.. well, its just better. I personally love the good ol’ wooden spoon even though its not really dishwasher safe and can be impractical. Therefore, I love any recipe that tells you “its ready when it coats the back of a wooden spoon.” Custard is one of those things. And I LOVE peaches and I LOVE the photos that go along with this scrumptious recipe. Via Canelle Vanille.

Blogging poster

July 20, 2009


So true. Sooo true. from Despair Inc.


July 19, 2009

teal beads

yellow jade necklace

blue tears necklace

A little sampling of my recent craft projects.. available for purchase here.

Mustard yellow

July 19, 2009

The Sartorialist

One of my favorites from the now defunct Domino magazine was “Can this outfit be turned into a room?” feature. I saw this great pic on The Sartorialist and was very inspired by this dude’s duds. The unique color combo is so chic, summery and upbeat (along with his attitude) I love that mustard yellow with pink. I couldn’t quite find an image of a room that embodied the spirit of this outfit but it did remind me of this photo from Twig Hutchinson.

yellow dress 

or this…


Nautical things

July 18, 2009

tutti boy girl collage


the black apple notebook

Maybe it is because of my recent trip to The Mermaid Inn, but I’m really into nautical things recently. Along with everyone else, it seems. I wonder if this trend will ever go out of style. To me there is nothing more classic than a striped shirt. (I happen to still be on my never-ending search for the perfect one.. this one is gettin’ there) I am just obsessed with piping, marine blues and rope details. Its all so “Jackie on the vineyard.” Retro and modern at the same time.

steven alan dressAlso I think I might like to pay a visit to the newly renovated Montauk Yacht Club. Or move in there. Whatever.Montauk Yacht club room

room with a sea view

Pale Aqua

July 17, 2009


tulip dress by sarahsevenwavesRecently a friend sent me a pic of this dress from Sarahseven on Etsy. I am completely in love with the color of it. There is just something about the paleness of it that reminds me of the ocean waves and soft beach glass and crisp cool water. I guess I’m really jonesing for something refreshing in this heat. Jeez I have to get some air conditioning in my apartment..

Found heart: Thai soup

July 14, 2009

thai iced tea

lil scallion heart

I looove thai iced tea. It makes me bonkers and its so cool to look at. I think I love finding hearts in my soup just as much.

Found hearts: animals

July 13, 2009



Japan Valentine

heart tongue

Some “found hearts” that friends have sent me knowing how much I love them.

A click on the top one brings you to a hilariously odd blog.


July 8, 2009


mussels to share

sterling mussel necklace from etsy

Yesterday I returned from my 8 day excursion/vacation to Cape Ann, Massachusetts. I have a new lease on city life after breathing some fresh ocean air and meeting my summer quota for lobster roll consumption. I also have a bunch of pictures to share and intend on getting my act together blog-wise. My posting has slowed down because I can’t seem to force myself to remain indoors and type away. Luckily I’m on lock down today because I have to wait for Fresh Direct, I just put in a fresh load of laundry and I’m sampling the new Regina Spektor album.

Someone should start a blog “Things I did while waiting for Fresh Direct” because I tend to be quite productive. Like I always think it would be a good idea to clean out my purse while waiting for the subway. Guess thats a testament to the timeliness of the J train cause my purse isn’t all that clean..

Anyway… mmm mussels. I came across this recipe which made me wish I had some in my FD shipment: Mussels with leeks, Pernod and cream. Summer is here!

Parade on the fourth

July 6, 2009

sleeping octopus

It has been awhile since I attended a 4th of July parade in my hometown. My parents gave up on taking us years ago and coming from NYC, I haven’t really wanted to brave the crowds. The parking is impossible, people are squeezed in on every inch of sidewalk and lawn, and then there’s the waiting. Waiting for it to start, waiting for the never-ending throngs of fire trucks to eek slowly past and toot their deafening horns, waiting for it to end… The candy obsessed kids, the drunk adults, the cranky grandmas in their lawn chairs. I love every second of it.

I brought my niece this year to introduce her to one of my favorite childhood traditions and found myself charmed by it all over again. It celebrates all that is great about the fourth in a small town. Most of the floats are kind of half baked and the costumes thrown together, but filled with local kids in red sox tee shirts tossing candy to the crowds. The driver moves slowly because they are so preoccupied with waving hello and small talking with practically every person on the street.

This photo is from one particularly cute “underwater” themed float where the featured octopus had miraculously dozed off amidst the celebrations.