Ominous sky

June 30, 2009

brooklyn sky


Dog food can

June 25, 2009

Dog food can

Some may look at this can and think it was used for target practice. But I know that it was just a little chew toy for my dogs when I mistakenly left a bag of recycling unattended. They are nuts.

boy dog

Evening sky

June 24, 2009

brooklyn sky

I guess I have been a little downtrodden by all the rain in NYC lately and so haven’t been blogging. Finally today I started to see a break and the proverbial sun shining through. Could it be? Is summer really arriving? The funny weather seems to be giving way to these eerie nights skies, so I guess rainy days aren’t all bad… (psst… sun: don’t be deterred. I still love you a lot)

summer is it you?

Jet blue sign

June 16, 2009

need a "knew" spellchecker

As I was sitting there bitterly thinking how the delay for my flight was longer than the flight itself, I wondered if Jet Blue was run by a bunch of morons. Then I saw this sign and realized- yes. Yes it is.

Wicker baskets

June 11, 2009

Stella resort collection

I recently treated myself to a little bike upgrade and the best part about it is my wicker bike basket. It is so cute and spring-y, I feel compelled to fill it up with lemons or something and ride through the park whistling.

However, today I had an afternoon that was quite unlike this lovely pic from the Stella McCartney resort collection. It was a very dreary, mist-ridden bike date with my beau (yes, I called him my beau, the basket brings out my grandma side. I’m telling ya). But I don’t care much that the weather didnt cooperate because there was truffle french fries waiting at the end of the journey. Yes!

wicker baskets: so hot right now….

old car and basket

puggle picnic

Longaberger basket building


recipe from

recipe from


June 10, 2009


Like I mentioned before, we had a laundry list of places to eat and drink while in Paris. While most of them were optional, one certainly was not. Racines is a mandatory stop for anyone that loves fresh, inspired cooking and drinking the best natural wine you can get your hands on. Hidden on the quaint passage des Panoramas, the moment you walk in to this little jewel, you get the feeling you may never want to leave (we spent 3+ hours there). 

The lardo di colonnata is unlike anything you have ever tasted-as if the best butter in the world were masquerading as charcuterie. It has a following, I even spotted a group of people snacking on the stuff straight from the meat slicer while waiting for a table.

The rest of the food is deceptively simple and unequivocally fresh. It’s classic french cooking with a slightly Italian edge. The chef and mastermind, Pierre welcomed us and  talked us through the menu, including a salad made of vegetables from Alain Passard’s garden. I don’t know how you gain access to such a place, but that alone sold me and was one of the best salads I’ve ever had. Then it was onto crispy skinned chicken and chocolate tart for dessert. Expertly executed and delicious. If you find yourself in Paris and want a great “locals only” spot you must go to Racines. I already can’t wait to go back.

Did I mention the wine? Oh my god, the wine.

Salad the way it should be

College dorm light show

June 10, 2009

Pretty impressive and way to make use of all those idle college hours…


June 10, 2009

versaillesI think Versailles has become one of my top 5 favorite places. The palace was closed when we were there so we spent the day biking around the 1800 acres of gardens. Kinda make Central park seem puny at a mere 843 acres (I did some wikipedia-ing as you may have guessed.)

Food, glorious food

June 9, 2009

perfect tomate

Instead of boring you with a bunch of separate posts about all the wonderful things we consumed while in Paris, I thought I would just share some of my favorite photos. One of my favorite nights was when we hosted a dinner party at our tiny apartment in the Marais. And by tiny I mean, NYC style. We didn’t have enough chairs or forks and barely enough plates for the seven attendees. Luckily that was easily solved with pulling the dining table up to our couch, local friends volunteering silverware and washing plates between courses. The challenges just made it more charming, and the best part of all was getting to shop at the local specialty stores for provisions. 


veg heaven

green almonds

cheese heaven

who needs a supermarket?

Ahhh, I nearly lost my mind at the vegetable store where piles of ripe ingredients were just begging to be bought. Three different kinds of strawberries!

The best part was that each place specialized in one thing, and they were all lined up on the same block. Veggies, cheese, wine, chocolate store, butcher… what more do you need in life?

If your answer was “seafood” don’t worry, we certainly took care of that elsewhere..


seafood and eat it


June 9, 2009


From the best macaron destination in Paris- Pierre Herme. Almost too pretty to eat. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I didn’t even make it to one of my favorite Paris destinations this time- Laduree. Though the macarons are worlds better, Pierre Herme can never take the place of Laduree for me. Laduree is like a classic princess pastry shop to PH’s slick couture minimalism. It like Oscar de la Renta versus Lanvin. Theres room in my heart (or in this case, my tummy) for both.

dozens of flavorsso chic, so yummy


June 6, 2009


From a long lunch in Monmartre. We decided that if you had this dish at home and filled it with butter, garlic and parsley it would still be just as good. I guess the escargot makes for a more appropriate vehicle though…

Le Verre Volé

June 5, 2009

goat cheese, radish and salmon eggs on toasttart with white peaches and honey

A few photos of the aforementioned dinner (it was worth the toe pain) a charming place where guests and bottles of delicious natural wine are packed in like sardines. Cozy and rustic, Le Verre Volé is a cute “in the know” place with a small menu of country delights (although I had to hold my tongue when the boyfriend ordered blood sausage). The menu has to be small- look at the size of the kitchen!

verre vole kitchen