petit coeur

A little cutout resembling a heart and my toe that would soon feel the effects of the long walk to dinner.
(I have taken a lot of pictures with my big camera but alas, forgot the cord to upload. So I will just have to make do with iPhone posts in the meantime..)


la view
On the first day that I wasn’t blind sided by jet lag, we ventured over to the Centre Pompidou for the Kandinsky and Alexander Calder exhibits. Both were fantastic as was the view from the escalator..

Paris in my mind..

May 27, 2009


I know it has been a slow week here on the ol’ blog, but don’t give up on me. I’m just gearing up for what promises to be a week filled with things I like to look at at, do and consume. After I posted about my hunt for the perfect place, the man and I found a great little apartment in the Marais that seems to meet my high standards. And if it doesn’t? Who the heck cares? Tomorrow I’ll be in Paris and all I really need is a place to rest my macaron- filled belly. The recommendations from our dear foodie (and wine-obsessed) friends got to be so much that I even created a spreadsheet to keep track of them all. I will simply not tolerate a bad meal. And in a wonderful stroke of luck, my tax return arrived in the mail today, so it looks like I won’t have to scrimp after all! So with that, I am off. Next post will be from abroad!

Au Revoir!

Worishofer Sandals

May 25, 2009

Worishofer Sandals

Tonight while walking the dogs I found myself in an unusually good mood. This does not happen often since they are terrible on the leash and as many dog owners know, it often feels more like a chore than just getting some fresh air. I even *smiled* at passersby. The weather felt just like a summer night should be, right after a rain storm, warm and balmy with a slightly cool breeze.

But it wasn’t just the weather accounting for my good mood, I engaged in two of my favorite activities today: Girl’s brunch and shoe shopping. The latter of which provided me with these babies. Not the sexy, sleek kind of shoes I normally go for, but exactly what my wardrobe needs. I was hunting for something that was comfortable enough for long walks exploring some European locale (say, Paris?) but not so comfort looking that they scream “trashy American.” Plus, they have a little elevation to keep me away from that NYC grime when I’m not abroad. And a $70 price tag to boot? Oui, oui, ma cherie! I got mine at my favorite local shoe store, Shoe Market in Williamsburg but you can buy em online here. Did I mention the fine German craftsmanship?

Brilliant, with equal measures of humor and inspiration.

typewriter wedding

Today my sweetie leaves for Paris (don’t worry I will be joining him next week!) which means I get to catch up on the guilty pleasures I dont engage in when he’s around. Namely watch Gossip Girl, and look at wedding blogs. Don’t jump to any conclusions on this one, I am not even close to walking down the aisle myself, I just love to look at the creative ways people customize their weddings. I think it appeals to my inner Martha or something, and well.. ugh whatever. Im not going to defend myself anymore. One look at this wedding I found on Style Me Pretty and you see what I mean.

They had a vintage typewriter and player piano theme where the music from the piano served as a runner for the table. Little pots of honey as favors, Mason jars filled with white lilies and can we talk about the shoes? Swoon. Now I have to go scour the internet for my own pair…


Men’s fashion

May 17, 2009


Thought I’d share a men’s fashion story I styled recently with fashion photographer, Peter Rosa. The shoot is inspired by the classic feel of the Lower East Side with model Arthur K acting as a young DeNiro..

Chalk Animation

May 16, 2009

So beautiful. I love the cloud of chalk left behind each drawing. Like a dream.

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One thing I always say about living in New York is that its no use paying  the ridiculously high rent if you aren’t going out and taking advantage of all the things the city has to offer. I try to live by that advice as much as possible and I also see how its easy to get comfortable in your routine. Work, TV, bed. Then on the weekends: brunch, drinks, bed. Yesterday I was very proud of myself because I broke out of the routine and went to not one, but two interesting NYC things. 


The first was an interactive installation by Ernesto Neto at the Park Avenue Armory, called Anthropodino. Its a large, sort of translucent labyrinth with hanging pods that are filled with spices. You could smell the clove and curry wafting at you from the front door. Kids were running around everywhere, and there was a smaller structure where a group of people seemed to be lounging for hours among the lavender eye pillows and cushiony floor. Its always interesting to me to see people living among art like that.

If you aren’t in NYC go here to see a video of the installation. Pretty neat.


catapult at streb

Then it was off to a much higher energy performance at Streb in Williamsburg. I had been warned that “it is such an extreme performance that you might get a little scared for the dancers.” And low and behold, at a few particularly nerve racking points I couldn’t help but let out a scream in total surprise and concern. The whole thing is such an adrenaline rush that had me in amazement of the of these performers that seem to have boundless energy and bravery in the face of gravity.

It was a mixed up audience with a range of adults and plenty of kids who seemed just as awestruck as everyone else. As we were leaving I heard a thick Jersey accent behind me say “That was good. It was real.. ya know, arty.”

Star Trek (IMAX!)

May 15, 2009


If you have ever wanted to see something in IMAX, I suggest you make it Star Trek. I didn’t really know what to expect because I was never an avid follower of Star Trek and I was afraid there would be too much ” Sci-Fi stardate Andromeda zyclor galactica ibitu” mumbo jumbo that would be hard to follow (some of that was gibberish FYI) But I loved it so much, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. The IMAX sound system that rattles your seat and the gynormously huge screen could have had something to do with it,  but I have to say, I was entertained.

Before & afters

May 14, 2009

chic maps by nikkichic maps by nikki

I am a sucker for makeovers. I think that’s where my love for fashion and entertaining comes from. Take the every day and make it into something new. I love this trunk makeover by chic maps by nikki from a recent Design sponge post. See more before and afters here. I envy people that have the patience to completely reupholster something. So far this week the only renovation I have done is trimmed my own bangs after drinking a half a bottle of wine. I don’t recommend it.

Mas tacos, por favor

May 13, 2009


taco window


I was lucky enough to spend Cinco De Mayo in Nashville this year and what better way to celebrate but with tacos and watermelon margaritas from the best taco truck on earth… “Mas Tacos, Por Favor“? The owner and one of my favorite people, Teresa threw quite a shindig complete with elote, mexican flags and live latin music.

Follow the truck on twitter to find out when it might be in a hood near you. I promise you will be hooked!

taco line

happy de mayo

Stuff on trucks

May 13, 2009

smushed carsstones rolling

you turkeyOne of the things on our cross country scavenger hunt was “something that is too long for a truck bed.” It was an easy win for both of us, but didn’t expect to see so much other random stuff on trucks. Cars, rocks and turkeys!

And side note: neither of us found a mud flap girl anywhere on our trip. Is it considered in poor taste these days? We did however see a dude with one tattooed on his shoulder but the jury was out on whether that counted or not…

Old signs

May 12, 2009

truck stop



What is it about road trips that makes you feel simultaneously healed, inspired, calm and melancholy? I love all the old Americana stuff that seems to be a from dying age, replaced by mini malls and chain stores.. sigh…cue the Springsteen.

Chewing gum

teaberry wrapper

I just got back from a 6 day road trip thus the lack of recent posts. But don’t worry: I have plenty of pics and fodder to share with you. One of my favorite discoveries (which really isn’t a discovery at all as many people know and love it..) is Cracker Barrel. Being a thoroughbred yank, I had never been inside on of these “old country stores.” The one we went to was in Wytheville, VA and maybe it was all the sweet tea I drank, but I freaking love this place! Biscuits come with everything, grits for breakfast, fried chicken for dinner…. and a whole store of nostalgic candies and doodads. I had to buy every old timey pack of gum I laid eyes on. The teaberry is so good and has the best wrapper, the blackjack is a little weird though..

candy at cracker barrel