Sweetiepie restaurant

March 31, 2009


I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for fun places to take my niece when she come to New York. This place would have been my dream restaurant as a young thing obsessed with tea parties, Willy Wonka and all things girly. Its kind of what I expected Serendipity to be, which really didn’t live up to the hype with shoddy service, crabby kids and black flies swarming our table the entire meal. Another plus is that Sweetiepie is in the charming West Village, nearby to my fave tea joint Tea & Sympathy. Best of all, its not just vicarious fun, they appeal to the grown- up princess in me as well. So now I can have mycake and wash it down with an absinthe champagne cocktail too. Oh lala!

sit on a tuffet


Cake and Milk stationary

March 30, 2009


I love personalized stationary. Its right up there with mascara on the list of things I feel compelled to buy no matter how much I have sitting at home. Perhaps its that “bygone era” thing that draws me to it, or the fact that when it arrives on the other end the recipient will say “Man, that girl has class.” A reaction I am always striving for. I love this set from Cake and Milk because the stitching keeps it from looking stuffy but still has that ladylike look. Is there a support group for addiction to luxury paper goods? Who knows, maybe one day you’ll find me buried under heaps of personalized stationary with my nude lashes wondering where all my spending money has gone.

My drug

Clean Kitchens

March 29, 2009

Black Apple kitchen

As I mentioned in my last post, I am due for a little (okay a lot) of spring cleaning. This pic from Emily’s kitchen at the Black Apple has got me inspired. Oh how I wish I had a lovely collection of vintage plates and some open shelving on which to display them. She just did a major kitchen overhaul so perhaps thats why everything looks so neat and tidy. So far I have given the dogs a good scrubbing and bought a new roll of paper towels. Baby steps.

Moon River Chattel

March 29, 2009

moon riveroutside

Returning from a lovely relaxing vacation has given me a revived enthusiasm for living in New York. Luckily today the weather was playing along and I had a nice Saturday exploring my Brooklyn neighborhood. I feel as if I’ve been in hibernation all Winter and have finally awoken to discover all these great little shops just seconds from my doorstep. Now I get why my rent is so high! 

Before even walking into Moon River Chattel I knew I was in trouble. Its exactly the kind of store that makes me weak in the purse strings.

1. Home stuff (like bits and bobs of cooking, eating and washing up accessories I don’t need)- check.

2. The kind of store design where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. –check. Meaning, nothing is revolutionary that they sell (wire baskets, hardware), but I love the vibe of the store so much I want to move in and I need to buy something as an artifact to say I approve that this store is in existence. I mean- big jars of home made lollipops and Bit -o-Honey at the register?

3. Old timey music playing- check

I got off easy this time with some juice/scotch glasses and an olive oil decanter, but ill be back for more ogling and candle buying. Just gotta get some spring cleaning done first! Check em out on Apartment Therapy.

wire baskets

Mexican construction

March 21, 2009


I haven’t been blogging much because I am on vacation and didn’t want to seem like a tourism ad for mexico (and the wireless is kinda sluggish). But it really is beautiful here. I love all the thatched roofs and huts made from bunches of sticks. Everything feels like something out of Lost.


March 20, 2009


Not my handiwork but I sure like looking at it.

Emu eggs

March 15, 2009

Found in the exotic egg section of whole foods. What a nice jadey green. Looks like a weird plastic avocado. Price tag is slightly different though.

Grey Chuck Taylors

March 14, 2009


I have long tried to subscribe to the rule of decorum that a lady never complains about her shoes. It is an accepted price we pay to appear stylish and well, ladylike. But, boy was I paying the ultimate price when I stepped out to a recession party (complete with a “Who can bring the cheapest bottle of wine?” contest) in my pointy toe DKNY boots last night. Ever since moving to New York, something has happened to my feet and after about 8 hours in heels, the bones start to ache and I find myself thinking about sawing off my baby toe just to relieve the pressure. So today I picked up these cushy converse that are the most lovely shade of pink-y grey and give my feet a much needed break. I just love tinted neutrals because they go with everything but look unexpected. I even made this set at Polyvore as an ode to my new comfort shoes. And don’t worry, I’ll be back in heels in no time. Because really- what is fashion without a little suffering?
Ode to my Converse
Ode to my Converse – by thingsiliketolookat on Polyvore.com

Mast Brothers

March 12, 2009

Mast Brother's Chocolate

What’s this? A chocolate factory in Williamsburg made by bearded gents and wrapped with pretty paper?! Thanks Lovely Package for the heads up. Oh Lordy, its been twelve solid excruciating days without my beloved treat. I think I might have to make a pilgrimage to Mast Brothers soon. Now where do I get my golden ticket?

mast bros

Snuggle mattress

March 12, 2009

snuggle mattress

This is somewhat pointless (what about sheets?) and somewhat genius (the foot tuck looks cozy) and obviously developed by a relentless cuddler. I love silly inventions.

Sneaky tomato

March 12, 2009

I know tomatoes are considered fruits but this one is taking it a bit far..

Road trips

March 10, 2009

putt putt

I never really think about not having a car. But every now and again I get hit with a hankering for a road trip. I love to stock up on music and just drive, baby, drive.

I know, I know. I’m starting to repeat myself in my posts. Audrey Tatou, shopping, beets, Audrey Tatou, beets, shopping.. etc etc. I cant help it! I just love to see Amelie all dressed up and it happens again in this biopic about Coco Chanel’s early years.  The preview is all in French because it opens there first in April, but oh my goodness, I cannot wait for this spectacle of costuming! I just love a good period film with buttoned up men on horses and corseted ladies fanning themselves at parties. Be still my heart!


I love you Jamie, oh yes I do… I love you Jamie, and your food line too. When your not on my TV, Im blue… Oh Jamie, I love you.

(But not in a “have your baby” way. More like a “watch every show you do, and giggle at your accent” kinda way.)


Thread portraits

March 9, 2009



Yesterday my friend D and I went browsing around the PULSE contemporary art fair. Truth be told neither of us have the pockets deep enough to get anything for our private collection but it was fun anyway. One of my favorite things was this Marilyn portrait made entirely out of spools of thread. 3,024 spools to be exact. I have long been fascinated by the fact that we see things upside down and then our brain turns them right side up. The artist, Devorah Sperber makes these portraits upside down and then provides a spherical glass to view the “pixelated” image through. She says “I am interested in the link between art, science, and technology, how the eyes and brain prioritize, and reality as a subjective experience vs. an absolute truth. As a visual artist, I cannot think of a topic more stimulating and yet so basic, than the act of seeing–how the human brain makes sense of the visual world. ” 

Also I really love the word “spool.” Its not one I get to use often.